Manville: MV Trust Pro Rata Increase


The Trustees of the Manville Trust, with the concurrence of the Selected Counsel for the Beneficiaries (“SCB”) and the Legal Representative of Future Claimants (“Legal Representative”), have approved effective immediately, an increase in the pro rata payment percentage from 4.3% to 5.1%.  On Wednesday, February 17th, changes were implemented to e-Claims that: (1) automatically set the pro rata payment percentage to 5.1% for all future offers and (2) re-issued outstanding offers at 5.1%.  In addition, we identified claims by law firm that are eligible for a retroactive supplemental payment adjustment and plan to issue payments next week. You do not need to secure a new release from your client. However, if your client has not yet signed a release and you would like an updated version please send a list of claimids and claimant names in excel to