Claims Processing

CRMC offers one of the most experienced asbestos claims processing staffs available, with more than 30 years processing in excess of 1.7 million asbestos personal injury claims. CRMC’s current client list includes:

      • Manville Personal Injury Settlement Trust
      • C. E. Thurston & Sons Asbestos Trust
      • Durabla Manufacturing Company and Durabla Canada Ltd Asbestos Trust
      • Philadelphia Asbestos Corporation Trust (PACOR)
      • NARCO Asbestos Trust
      • Motors Liquidation Corp Asbestos Trust

In addition to established trust clients, CRMC processes/processed asbestos claims for:

      • Travelers Asbestos Statutory Direct-Action Settlement Fund
      • West Virginia Statutory Direct-Action Settlement Fund
      • Hawaii Direct Action Settlement Fund
      • Hawaii Actions Settlement Fund
      • United States Mineral Products Asbestos Trust
      • Cashman Settlement Funds – One Beacon and Century
      • Continental Settlement
      • Liberty Mutual Settlement
      • Hartford Settlement
      • AI Companies Settlement

Claims Administration

CRMC acted as the administrator of the following companies in the In re Asbestos – Unfair Trade Practices Insurance Cases, Civ. Action No. 02-C-7000 (Kahawha Cty. W. Va. Circuit Ct.):

      • AI Companies settlement
      • Continental settlement
      • Liberty Mutual settlement
      • Hartford settlement
      • Century settlement

CRMC acted as the administrator in the Cashman cases (OneBeacon and Century)

CRMC acted as administrator of the following companies:

      • Travelers Statutory Direct- Action Settlement
      • Hawaii Direct Action Settlement
      • Hawaii Actions Settlement Fund