Manville: Manville Trust 4.3% pro rata share

With the recent change in the Manville Trust Pro Rata share, the pro rata payment amount for a Level 2 claim is $516, less than a Level 1 Cash Discount Payment of $600. Therefore, the Trustees will offer the option of accepting the Level 2 value, which is eligible for a supplemental payment should one be paid, or accepting the Level 1 $600 cash discount payment. For electronic filers you will see the following options on the Offer Status Page:

                ACC – Offer Accepted as L2 $516 eligible for supplemental payment

                AL1 – Offer Accepted as L1 $600 cash discount payment

The proper release will generate once an option is selected. If you file on paper with CRMC, a representative will contact you prior to the issuance of an offer for your selection so the proper offer and release documents are sent.