NARCO: Re-Reviews

Certain claims previously classified as having completed review have been re-classified as awaiting review as of February 17, 2016. The reason for this change is that the Trustees have recently implemented refinements to the Trust’s claims processing procedures. There have been no changes to either the exposure notice or the claim form instructions, and claimants’ interactions with the Trust should not change going forward. As always, please contact with any questions.

NARCO: Attention

Attention: Information inputted into E-Claims prior to or after a claim is formally submitted should not be considered confidential work product. Any information you enter is stored in a manner that is accessible to (i) representatives of the Trust and (ii) Honeywell Corporation, in each case, including their employees, personnel, contractors, and representatives.

NARCO: Instructions

According to the POC instructions, if an asbestos-related lawsuit was filed on behalf of the injured party you are required to provide that information when filing a NARCO claim. eClaims now requires that you indicate if a lawsuit was filed on behalf of the claimant for each and every claim. For those in-process claims where litigation was not previously entered, they have been pushed back to a status where you must enter it. If litigation was filed, you are required to upload the litigation face sheet along with the pages that indicate what defendants were sued. [Please see the applicable claim form and instructions for the specific requirements for your claim.]