Manville: Manville Trust Maritime Policy

The Manville Trustees have determined that 100 days of shipboard exposure will equal one year of exposure. With this change, we ask that you enter the exact time periods an individual was aboard ship as a maritime worker in eClaims. The system will calculate the # of days based on your entries. If there are deviations in dates, supporting documentation may be rejected and corrections required. For example, if someone was aboard a ship from 10/75 – 9/76 then from 1/77 – 3/77 you may not enter 10/75 – 3/77. You must enter multiple exposure periods if there are gaps in the dates.

If you have in-process claims, you may edit each exposure record and save to have eclaims recalculate the number of years of exposure. This is a new policy and affects only unsettled claims.