Manville: MV Trust COVID-19 Policies

Policy Changes – COVID 2019

Temporary Policy Changes Regarding (a) Release Signatures and (b) Enforcement of Time Limitations

The Manville Trust’s current policy is that a release must be signed by the injured party or personal representative and notarized by a notary or witnessed by two individuals not related by blood or marriage.

The Trustees of the Manville Trust are aware that these are difficult and unusual times.  Some filers may not be able to meet the requirements for certain Trust claims due to illness, quarantine or shelter in place orders. Therefore, for the next 120 days from the date of this notice or until further notice by the Trust, whichever occurs later, the following temporary policies will be in place.

  • A release document may be signed by the Injured Party or Personal Representative (when the injured party is deceased) and one witness who may be related by blood or marriage.
  • The timeframe for responding to notices of offer, deficiency, deactivation, and withdrawal has been tolled.
  • The statute of limitations period for filing a claim is tolled.

These policy changes are the result of the current pandemic crisis and are designed to provide temporary measures to assure claimants that claims handling will continue during the crisis.

Permanent Policy Changes Regarding Electronic Signatures:

  • The Trust will accept any document requiring a signature that has been signed utilizing DocuSign or other electronic signature software provided the law firm has an electronic filer agreement on file with CRMC.
  • The Trust added language at the end of the release so that the release need not be notarized or witnessed. A notice will be sent once this change is in place.