NARCO: IR Claim Form Instructions

The NARCO Asbestos Trust has posted the Instructions for Completing the NARCO Asbestos Trust Proof of Claim Form for Unliquidated Claims to be Processed under Individual Review (the “IR Claim Form Instructions”) to its website. The IR Claim Form Instructions is the IR Instructions Booklet referred to in the IR Claim Form.(available here)

NARCO: Claims Processor

As announced on January 7, 2017, CRMC is now the sole claims processor for the NARCO Asbestos Trust.

Claims submission and processing for Expedited Review claims remains unchanged and you may proceed to file as before.

For Individual Review, although eClaims is in the process of being updated and you cannot yet submit claims online through eClaims or using CRMC’s Web Services, you may submit paper claims on the claim form (available here)  and by bulk upload through the SimpleBatch system (available here).

The Trust is working to update eClaims and Web Services and will provide that functionality for Individual Review as soon as possible. For more information, please consult the Trust’s website at and contact the CRMC with any questions (click here for contact information).

NARCO: Exposure Directives

In April 2016, the NARCO Trust issued Directives Related to Exposure to its claims processor.  Those Directives with their exhibits (redacted as appropriate) are attached.  The claims processor is instructed to process claims in accordance with these and other instructions and the TDP.  Processing instructions change from time to time and may be amended by the NARCO Trust without further update or notice to claimants.  In the event of any inconsistency between an instruction and the TDP, the TDP controls.

The attached are provided for your information only and do not guarantee the payment of any claim. NARCO Exposure Directive

CRMC: Bill Tomlinson Retirement

Effective January 1, 2017 Bill Tomlinson has retired from CRMC after 29 years of dedicated service.  His position is being filled by Genc Zaja.  We wish Bill all the best in the years to come.

NARCO: Claims Processor

Effective immediately CRMC will be the NARCO Asbestos Trust’s sole claims processor. CRMC will process all types of claims filed with the NARCO Asbestos Trust (Expedited Review, Individual Review, Liquidated Pre-Established, and Indirect Claims). Garden City Group, LLC will no longer accept or process claims of any kind in connection with the NARCO Asbestos Trust. Please review the NARCO Asbestos Trust’s homepage for more information on the filing of claims with the NARCO Asbestos Trust.

USM: E-Filer

Effective immediately, the US Mineral Trust will no longer offer its “E-file” electronic filing option. All eClaims users currently using E-filing have been converted to hybrid filing (“H-filing”), which still permits electronic filing of claimant information. Using H-filing, users may complete the claim form electronically online and upload any required documents, just as with E-filing. The difference is that, using H-filing, a CRMC Claim Review Analyst will run the CDT valuation program in every case. Please be advised that, particularly in the initial period following this transition, review times will likely increase. However, CRMC has retained additional staff to assist in this effort and will work as quickly as possible to review your claim(s) in a timely manner.