Shook & Fletcher Asbestos Settlement Trust

The Shook & Fletcher Asbestos Settlement Trust (the “Shook Trust”)
was established effective as of December 11, 2002, pursuant to the
Second Amended Plan of Reorganization of Shook & Fletcher
Insulation Co., Inc., et al. The Shook Trust was formed to pay all valid
Trust Claims, as that term is defined in the Shook & Fletcher Asbestos
Settlement Trust Claims Resolution Procedures (the “CRP”). Trust
Claims are to be reviewed and paid in accordance with the CRP.

Claims Resolution Management Corporation (“CRMC”) is the Shook
Trust’s claims processor. For information on filing claims with the
Shook Trust, please visit the Shook Trust’s document page.

For general claim filing inquiries, please contact CRMC by clicking

For questions regarding deficiency notices issued by the Shook Trust,
please first contact CRMC at or by calling 1-
800-536- 2722.

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