Manville: MAP

The Manville Trust has reached its Maximum Annual Payment (MAP) amount for 2013. Therefore, any claim with a status of “Awaiting Offer Funding” will not receive payment until 2014. Claims at this status will be carried over to 2014 and placed at the head of the FIFO payment queue. Please refer to the 2002 TDP Section H.8 for further details.

Manville: Pro Rata Info

The Manville Trust is required, under Section H.1(d) of the 2002 Manville Trust Distribution Process, at least every three years to re-estimate the values of its total assets and its total liabilities and determine whether a revised pro rata payment percentage should be applied to past, present or future claims. The Trust last performed such a re-estimation in 2008. The Trust has retained a consultant to project its future claims, and is reviewing the consultant’s findings with the Selected Counsel for the Beneficiaries and the Legal Representative of Future Claimants (the “Trust Advisors”). When it completes that re-estimation and reviews with and receives concurrence of the Trust Advisors, the Trust will announce its determination.

Manville: 2002 TDP

The Trustees of the Manville Trust have amended the 2002 TDP by adding Section C. 11: Manville Trust Distribution Process (TDP) Amendment Secondary Exposure Claims.

For any claim that meets the SOE requirement based on secondary exposure, a new filing document will be required. That form will be the MV-Bystander Verification Form a sample of which is available on the CRMC website. On this form, the claimant or their representative will affirm the exposure entered into the e-claims application by the law firm. Once submitted, the form will be reviewed and either accepted or rejected. Bystander Verification Form.