Manville: MAP

The Manville Trust has reached its Maximum Annual Payment (MAP) amount for 2013. Therefore, any claim with a status of “Awaiting Offer Funding” will not receive payment until 2014. Claims at this status will be carried over to 2014 and placed at the head of the FIFO payment queue. Please refer to the 2002 TDP Section H.8 for further details.

NARCO: Worksites

The listing of approved NARCO work sites has been uploaded and can be found on the NARCO Trust’s Documents page.  There are two formats available: adobe (pdf) and excel.  Due to some inadequate addresses, some sites have a “yes” in the Doc.Req. column indicating that documentation must be submitted with the claim that verifies a complete site address.

From time to time, the site list may be updated.  If this occurs, the date of the update will appear in the Updated column.