NARCO: Form Affidavits Policy as of June 9, 2017

[This policy has been superseded. Please see the Trust’s current Exposure Directives for current information on the Trust’s exposure policies.]

The NARCO Trust will not consider exposure allegations in form affidavits (as defined below) submitted on or after October 1, 2017 absent exceptional circumstances.  The NARCO Trust will consider exposure allegations in form affidavits submitted on or prior to September 30, 2017 and executed by: (a) injured parties with a diagnosis of Mesothelioma, (b) dead or incapacitated occupationally exposed injured parties, or (c) dead or incapacitated co-workers of occupationally exposed dead or incapacitated injured parties.  Incapacity is determined by reference to state law.

A “form” affidavit is an affidavit that contains exposure allegations that use identical descriptive language as the language contained in other exposure affidavits submitted to the Trust.  Ultimately, it is the Trustees’ decision in an exercise of their discretion whether an affidavit is a “form” affidavit that lacks sufficient indicia of reliability to be considered by the claims processor.

To the extent you have a “form” affidavit pending with the NARCO Trust and you are able to supplement and file a non-form affidavit, all claimants are encouraged to do so.