Manville: Policy

The Manville Trust changed its policy with respect to requiring a SSN for claimants exposed in the United States.   This position was based on a legal opinion that individuals without SSN’s who were exposed to Johns-Manville asbestos in the United States may file a claim against the Trust. This can occur in unusual instances, such as when a claimant is a foreign citizen who worked temporarily in the United States.  Claimants in such circumstances are subject to increased evidentiary requirements to support their asbestos exposure allegations.   If you are an electronic filer you will receive a notice via the message board indicating that a MV-Exposure Document is required.  Examples of evidence that would be sufficient for meeting this requirement would include:  work history records, deposition materials, affidavits, etc.  Furthermore, claimant duplicate checking continues using the claimant’s first name, middle initial, last name and date of birth.