NARCO: Notice to Holders of Deferred or Withdrawn Claims

The NARCO Asbestos Trust (the “Trust”) adopted new directives relating to form affidavits.  Please consult the Trust’s Form Affidavits Policy as posted on June 9, 2017 at  the Directives Regarding Form Affidavits and Conditional Language posted on June 15, 2017 at for more details, and a webinar on the topic available here.  Withdrawn or deferred claims will not be re-reviewed by the Trust unless and until a filer takes further action. A subsequent notice will be sent to any filer with deferred and withdrawn claims.  Please contact with any questions.

NARCO: Form Affidavits Policy as of June 9, 2017

The NARCO Trust will not consider exposure allegations in form affidavits (as defined below) submitted on or after October 1, 2017 absent exceptional circumstances.  The NARCO Trust will consider exposure allegations in form affidavits submitted on or prior to September 30, 2017 and executed by: (a) injured parties with a diagnosis of Mesothelioma, (b) dead or incapacitated occupationally exposed injured parties, or (c) dead or incapacitated co-workers of occupationally exposed dead or incapacitated injured parties.  Incapacity is determined by reference to state law.

A “form” affidavit is an affidavit that contains exposure allegations that use identical descriptive language as the language contained in other exposure affidavits submitted to the Trust.  Ultimately, it is the Trustees’ decision in an exercise of their discretion whether an affidavit is a “form” affidavit that lacks sufficient indicia of reliability to be considered by the claims processor.

To the extent you have a “form” affidavit pending with the NARCO Trust and you are able to supplement and file a non-form affidavit, all claimants are encouraged to do so.

NARCO: System Update for IR

CRMC has updated eClaims in compliance with the Individual Review (“IR”) claim form. In addition to Web Services and SimpleBatch, eClaims can now be used to file new IR claims and to update previously filed IR claims with the additional information required. If you previously filed IR claims using Web Services, SimpleBatch, or eClaims, all claim information is now also accessible via eClaims.

Please carefully review the Instructions for Completing the NARCO Asbestos Trust Proof of Claim Form for Unliquidated Claims to be Processed under Individual Review posted on the documents tab of CRMC’s website under Proof of Claim Form For Individual Review Claims Instructions to ensure you provide all required information

NARCO: System Update for IR

CRMC has updated eClaims for the NARCO Trust Individual Review and you can now submit claims using CRMC’s Web Services (available here), and by bulk upload through the SimpleBatch system (available here). The SimpleBatch system can now be utilized online in eClaims and you will receive a batch acknowledgement report and any potential error reports on the law firm’s message board. However, the information submitted will not appear on the eClaims system until a later date. CRMC continues to work on the eClaims application so claims can be filed via the website and will post an update when this functionality is available.