Manville: Industry/Occupations

The Manville Trust has expanded its industry/occupation pairings chart with the consent of the Selected Counsel of the Beneficiaries (SCB).  An updated chart has been posted to the website and in-process claims have been updated accordingly.   Additionally, the 2002 claim form has been updated to include many additional occupations.  The industry codes have also been streamlined to coincide with those industries most relevant to asbestos-injury claims.  In process claims have been mapped to these new industries and occupations.
Should you have questions please contact us via the help line or the inquiry tracking board.

Recent eClaims Enhancements: 4/7/2019

1) CRMC has added a new security feature labeled “Payment” on the person page for each law firm user.  Those provided permission by the firm’s administrator will have access to the following reports:
EFT Check/Detail page
EFT Summary page
Accepted offers detail/summary reports
Outstanding offers report
Pending Expiration Report
Executive Summary
The executive summary report is new and contains confidential settlement dollar information which is why the payment security feature has been added.  Administrators, you will need to set this security parameter for only those personnel you wish to grant access to.
2) Addition of “Action By” drop-down on the claim listing page.  This allows you to locate claims for a Trust that require attention by the firm.
3) An updated User Guide has been posted.

Manville: New York Office Move

The Manville Trust’s New York office, which among other things responds to subpoenas of claims records, has moved, as of March 18, 2019.  Its new address is:

Manville Personal Injury Settlement Trust
P.O. Box 270
1132 Main Street, Suite 4
Peekskill, NY 10566

Email and phone remain unchanged:
(p) 914-764-4700

Additional information regarding subpoenas of Manville Trust claims records can be found under the Manville documents tab, in the “Third Party Discovery” FAQ document.

Individual Review Claims and Part 4 of the Individual Review Claim Form

All NARCO Asbestos Trust Individual Review (“IR”) claims that answer “Yes” to the question “Has an asbestos-related lawsuit or claim ever been filed on behalf of the injured party?” must complete the Affirmation of Counsel: IR Claim Form Part 4: Asbestos-Related Litigation and Claims History.  This document should be uploaded as part of the claim file using document type “NAR-IR Doc Aff.”

See documentation requirements contained in Part 4 of the IR Claim Form. If you answer “Yes”, to the question “Has an asbestos-related lawsuit or claim ever been filed on behalf of the injured party?”, you must complete Part 4 of the IR Claim Form. In addition, for every asbestos-legal action filed on behalf of the injured party, the claimant and the claimant’s law firm must attach to the Claim Form:

  1. the file-stamped copy of the complaint, as amended,
  2. any standard disclosures or interrogatories and the answers thereto required by the applicable jurisdiction, and
  3. any affidavits or deposition testimony submitted by or on behalf of the injured party

To the extent that affidavits or depositions from a person other than the injured party include information that bears on an injured party’s exposure to a NARCO asbestos-containing product (whether or not the affidavits or depositions mentioned NARCO) and were submitted on behalf of the injured party to a court, an insurance company, or an asbestos defendant in the tort system in an effort to support an asbestos claim, those affidavits and depositions must also be submitted. Such affidavits and depositions must be submitted regardless of whether they tend to support the claim of exposure to a NARCO asbestos-containing product. Affidavits and depositions that do not relate to the time period of the injured party’s exposure to a NARCO asbestos-containing product do not have to be submitted to the NARCO Trust, unless the affidavit or deposition: (1) names the injured party; and (2) contradicts the evidence of the injured party’s exposure to a NARCO asbestos-containing product. Affidavits that were submitted to other asbestos trusts only do not have to be submitted to the NARCO Trust.

USM: Pro Rata

The payment percentage for the USM Trust was updated to 30% on January 1.  Any claim paid on or after that date will be assigned the new payment percentage. Once details are in place regarding potential supplemental payments a notification will be sent.

eClaims Enhancements

CRMC eClaims Enhancements November 2018

CRMC is committed to maintaining a quality and technically savvy claims processing system. Therefore, we have made significant enhancements to our system. You will notice these changes the next time you log into eClaims. We have enhanced our log in process and therefore, if you don’t remember your password you will need to reset it. Your firm’s user administrator(s) has the capability to do this for you or you can reach out to our help line either via telephone or via the user inquiry board. The following changes have been incorporated:

  • All SSN’s within eClaims have been masked so that only the last 4 digits appear on each screen and reports available through our system.
  • A law firm identifier has been added to many pages within the application. This allows your firm to associate a claimant with your firm’s internal identifier. You may search for a claimant using that identifier once you have added it to our system. This can be accomplished via CRMC’s web services tool. If you firm is not a web services user, you may provide a list to us in excel format and we will add the identifiers for you. Please email that information to Web services has been updated to allow for this search using the FindClaim method.
  • The log in/log out feature has been enhanced. Be certain to log out of your session when you are not working in eClaims to maintain security of your connection.
  • Claim representative information is now located on the claim page.
  • We have added a new action link on the most frequently used pages. This new link is labeled with an “F” and will take you directly to the claim documents tab. This will save you time when trying to review/upload document information.
  • The message board has been revamped with more improvements to come.
  • Message board notices may now be received in a report format via email. Each user administrator at the firm will have access to a new page within eClaims. It is located on the Admin tab under notifications. There are two different types of notifications that you can enable email for: Message Board Notifications and Time Sensitive Notifications. The user administrator determines the frequency of these notices and the day of the week they are to be sent. For each law firm user you want to receive notifications this provides the flexibility to determine which type of notices they receive. Time sensitive notices are notices of expirations that are occurring over the next 30 days. You will also see an eClaims Notification section where you can configure which users receive emails associated with important notices posted to our website. This enhancement allows all selected users to receive notifications not just the user administrator(s) with the firm.
  • The eClaims user manual has been updated to reflect and describe each of the changes listed above.

Future enhancements
Stay tuned for additional enhancements. We have added a new tab to our announcements section for eClaims enhancements.