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Welcome to the Claims Resolution Management Corporation (CRMC), an organization dedicated to providing at-cost claims processing services to asbestos personal injury trusts.

By combining industry-leading information technology and asbestos medical training with an experienced staff, CRMC became a leader in providing a wide range of trust services, including: Claims Processing (our core service), and Alternative Dispute Resolution.

To support our core services, we have refined our infrastructure and technology to process claims for multiple trusts in a single environment.

Thank you for visiting our website – look around! If you have questions, or need additional information, please contact us and someone will get back with you as soon as possible.


Updated on 9/25/15

E-Filer Payments

Due to our upcoming office move, e-filer payments will be delayed till Oct 7th. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Updated on 8/31/15

Batch Updates

We've updated our Simplebatch template for Narco. It has an additional field 'AffirmPOCReview'. See here for more info.

Web Service Updates

We've also updated our Web Service for Narco. See here for more info.

Updated on 8/26/15

CRMC is moving!

Effective October 1, 2015 our new address will be:
3120 Fairview Park Dr.
Suite 200
Falls Church VA 22042
We are also eliminating our PO Box. We have a new fax number 703-205-5620. All of our telephone numbers will remain the same.

Updated on 6/16/15

NARCO Trust:

The Proof of Claim Form for Indirect Asbestos Trust Claims has been posted to the website under Document Tab P. Indirect Claims may be filed on paper or via the eClaims application once a law firm has registered to do so. Claims may not be filed in batch. Please refer to the Customer Filing Documents- Hybrid Filer under Document Tab C.

Password Change Notices:

CRMC has updated our system to send out an informational message when a password has been changed. For more information please goto info.claimsres.com for more information

Updated on 6/4/15

NARCO Trust:

We've updated WebServices and Simplebatch for Narco claims; please goto http://info.claimsres.com for more information.

  NARCO Trust:

According to the POC instructions, if an asbestos-related lawsuit was filed on behalf of the injured party you are required to provide that information when filing a NARCO claim. eClaims now requires that you indicate if a lawsuit was filed on behalf of the claimant for each and every claim. For those in-process claims where litigation was not previously entered, they have been pushed back to a status where you must enter it. If litigation was filed, you are required to upload the litigation face sheet along with the pages that indicate what defendants were sued.

Updated on 4/7/15

NARCO Trust:

The Trust has updated its releases to include a check box for the person signing and their printed name. If you have already printed a release from eclaims there is no need to reprint.

Updated on 3/10/15

Manville Trust: The Manville Trust has updated its policy on Level 6 claims and can be found at Documents tab L.

Updated on 2/19/15

NARCO Trust:

The NARCO work site list has been updated and can be found under the Documents tab W. We have removed the submission of additional information for five work sites.

Updated on 2/6/15

Effective February 1, 2015, Sarah Wetherald has been promoted to Operations Manager. She is now responsible for claim operations for all CRMC clients.

Updated on 1/29/15

Effective February 1, 2015, CRMC President Larry J. Haden is retired, and Melissa L. Metzfield is President. Melissa previously served as CRMC’s Vice President and Chief Customer Officer, and has more than twenty years of experience working directly with CRMC’s customers. CRMC thanks Larry for his years of excellent and dedicated service, and wishes him the best in a well-deserved retirement.

Updated on 1/6/15

Manville and CET Trust: 

The Simplebatch system for both CET and Manville Trust has been updated and is available under Document TAB B.

Updated on 12/11/14

NARCO Trust: 

Please be advised that the NARCO Trust is currently in the process of developing an indirect claim form. Once it has been finalized, we will publish the form, along with instructions for submission, to the website. In the meantime, please feel free to reach out to the Trust's processing facility with questions or concerns by phone at (800) 536-2722 or by email at NARCOInquiry@claimsres.com.

Updated on 11/04/14

NARCO Trust:  The NARCO Trust's frequently asked questions document has been updated and is available on the NARCO Document Page TAB F

Updated on 9/22/14

NARCO Trust:  The NARCO Trust has posted several new procedures available on the NARCO Document Page TAB P

Updated on 8/19/14

MANVILE TRUST: IMPORTANT NOTICE :  A decision has been made as to the pro rata payment percentage. Please view the details here.

Updated on 6/23/14

The USM Trust:  Supplemental payments for the L3 USM Trust will be going out on Wednesday, June 25. Regular quarterly payments will go out on Friday, June 27.

Updated on 6/17/14

The USM Trust has increased its pro rata payment percentage from 12.5% to 14% effective April 24, 2014. CRMC is working on the changes to accommodate supplemental payments for those entitled to receive one. Please click this link for additional details.

Updated on 6/13/14

FYI: The Manville Trust pro rata discussions are still underway between the Trustees and representatives of the beneficiaries.  An update will be posted as soon as discussions have been finalized.

Updated on 5/21/14

We have updated our Simplebatch system with IR data elements. Please see info.claimsres.com for more information.

Updated on 5/05/14

NARCO Trust:

The NARCO Trust has added additional fields to the claim form required for individual review. Please review the updated form on the document tab.

Updated on 4/17/14

Answers to some of the NARCO Trust's frequently asked questions has been created and is available on the NARCO Document Page TAB F. Additional answers to questions will be added as needed.

Updated on 3/12/14

MANVILE TRUST: IMPORTANT NOTICE regarding a stay of offers.  Offer Suspension Notice

Updated on 2/26/14

CRMC has received inquiries as of late regarding the requirements for documenting foreign claims at Individual Evaluation. Please review the document on our website.

Updated on 2/26/14

The NARCO Asbestos Trust Presumptive NARCO Exposure Chart and corresponding NARCO Exposure Notice have been posted on the NARCO Document Page

Updated on 11/15/13

NARCO Product Listing Updated. Product IDs have been updated NARCO Products

Updated on 11/07/13

C.E. Thurston & Sons Asbestos Trust SOL Policy change deadline has been extended to November 30, 2013. Please click here for the announcement

Updated on 10/10/13

The NARCO Asbestos Trust will begin accepting claims on Tuesday, October 15, 2013 at 8:00am ET. If you have questions regarding filing methods or procedures, please contact us at NARCOInquiry@claimsres.com or by telephone: 800- 536-2722.

 The NARCO Asbestos Trust Presumptive Significant Occupational ("SOE") Chart has been posted on NARCO Document Tab E

Updated on 10/02/13

NARCO Asbestos Trust Proof of claim forms have been added to the NARCO Document Tab P.

Updated on 09/27/13

NARCO Asbestos Trust webinar registration.

Please click the appropriate link based on your filing type for this Trust.

Hybrid Filers Click here

Paper Filers Click here

Updated on 09/06/13

The Manville Trust has reached its Maximum Annual Payment (MAP) amount for 2013. Therefore, any claim with a status of "Awaiting Offer Funding" will not receive payment until 2014. Claims at this status will be carried over to 2014 and placed at the head of the FIFO payment queue. Please refer to the 2002 TDP Section H.8 for further details.

Updated on 08/15/13

The listing of approved NARCO work sites has been uploaded and can be found under the Documents tab W.  There are two formats available: adobe (pdf) and excel.  Due to some inadequate addresses, some sites have a "yes" in the Doc.Req. column indicating that documentation must be submitted with the claim that verifies a complete site address. 

From time to time, the site list may be updated.  If this occurs, the date of the update will appear in the Updated column.

Updated on 08/02/13

C.E. Thurston & Sons Asbestos Trust SOL Policy change. Please click here  for the policy change announcement

Updated on 07/12/13

Final Notice:

The Trustees of the USM Trust have posted a reminder notice regarding the upcoming filing deadline.  Please click the link to view that notice.

Updated on 07/09/13

The estimated implementation date for the NARCO Asbestos Trust has been changed to EARLY-MID SEPTEMBER, 2013. 

Updated on 06/14/13

CRMC is pleased to announce its newest asbestos client trust, the NARCO Asbestos Trust. 

The Trustees of the NARCO Asbestos Trust would like to begin the process of registering law firms.  Please click here for information

Updated on 05/17/13

Condolences to the Austern Family

CRMC is sad to announce the death of a most trusted, loyal and devoted member of its family, David T. Austern.

David was one of the nation’s top experts on asbestos tort litigation. In 1987, he became General Counsel of the Manville Personal Injury Settlement Trust, a position he held until his death. Between 2000 and 2007, David also served as President of CRMC.

The staff of CRMC extends our deepest condolences and sympathies to David's family.

Updated on 05/15/12

The following document provides information on the change to the pro rata share for the  C.E. Thurston  & Sons Asbestos Trust.
Notice of Offer Resumption and New Payment Percentage

Updated on 03/27/12

The Trustees of the Manville Trust have amended the 2002 TDP by adding a new Section H.8, which is a Maximum Annual Payment provision.  Section H.3 has been amended as well, to conform. 2002 Trust Distribution Process (TDP) (Revised January 2012)

Updated on 11/09/11

The C.E. Thurston & Sons Asbestos Trust  POC has been updated to reflect the following changes.  The changes are:
--- in page 7, changing “Son’s” to “Sons”
--- in Page 15 revising the beginning of the Diagnosed Injuries section.  Revised POC form Proof of Claim Form - Rev.

Updated on 9/20/11

The Trustees of the Manville Trust have decided to retain the 7.5% payment percentage as of September 19, 2011.

Updated on 7/21/11

The Manville Trust is required, under Section H.1(d) of the 2002 Manville Trust Distribution Process, at least every three years to re-estimate the values of its total assets and its total liabilities and determine whether a revised pro rata payment percentage should be applied to past, present or future claims. The Trust last performed such a re-estimation in 2008. The Trust has retained a consultant to project its future claims, and is reviewing the consultant’s findings with the Selected Counsel for the Beneficiaries and the Legal Representative of Future Claimants (the “Trust Advisors”). When it completes that re-estimation and reviews with and receives concurrence of the Trust Advisors, the Trust will announce its determination.

Updated on 6/09/11

The Trustees of the Manville Trust have amended the 2002 TDP by adding Section C. 11:  Manville Trust Distribution Process (TDP) Amendment Secondary Exposure Claims

For any claim that meets the SOE requirement based on secondary exposure, a new filing document will be required. That form will be the MV-Bystander Verification Form a sample of which is available on the CRMC website. On this form, the claimant or their representative will affirm the exposure entered into the e-claims application by the law firm. Once submitted, the form will be reviewed and either accepted or rejected. Bystander Verification Form

Updated on 7/29/10

The Trustees of the Manville Trust have issued their policy regarding the evaluation of foreign (where primary exposure took place outside the United States or Canada) claims.  This policy and the process to be followed can be found under the Documents tab, Manville Trust, Letter F or by clicking here: Foreign Claim Evaluation & Process

The Trustees of the United States Mineral Products Company have set their pro rata payment percentage at 12.5%. CRMC will begin accepting claims on Thursday, July 29, 2010.

Updated on 7/02/10

---An overview of filing with the USM trust is available. Please click here to view.

Updated on 7/01/10

---CRMC has posted the video from yesterday's webinar with electronic and hybrid filers for filing with USM.  You will need Windows Media Player to view the video. Please note, there is no video for the first few minutes until the system demonstration begins.

Updated on 5/18/10

--The updated version of the C.E. Thurston & Sons Asbestos Trust Approved Site List (5/18/10) is posted on CE Thurston Documents Tab S

Updated on 4/7/2010

---Two new documents Data Availability Agreement and Data Availability Policy are posted on Manville Trust Documents Tab D

Updated on 3/26/2010

---Manville Trust Revised Statute of Limitations ("SOL") Policy is posted on Manville Trust Documents Tab S

Updated on 11/05/09

---A new version of batch tools is available for bulk upload at Manville Documents Tab B & E and CE Thurston Documents Tab B & E

Updated on 2/26/09

---The C.E. Thurston & Sons Asbestos Trust has revised section 7.1(a)(2) of the TDP to extend the deadline for filing unexpired, prepetition claims from March 31, 2009 to November 16, 2009 as follows:  
If a claim was not barred by the applicable statute of limitations at the Petition Date, it will be treated as timely filed if it is actually filed with the Trust within three (3) years after the Initial Claims Filing Date, i.e. if filed by November 16, 2009.                            
To see the complete revised TDP, click on the CE Thurston Documents Tab T - Trust Distribution Procedures, Revision 1b

Updated on 2/19/09

--- A new document has been added to the Manville Documents Tab M regarding offers placed on temporary hold – Dr. R. Michael Kelly medical reports

Updated on 12/30/08

---A new document has been added to the Manville Documents Tab F regarding the initial processing of Manville claims with foreign (non-U.S. or non-Canadian) exposure.

---An updated version of the Manville Trust claim form and instructions is now available. The change relates to initial processing of Manville claims with foreign (non-U.S. or non-Canadian) exposure. This has been posted on the Manville Documents Tab P

Updated on 11/11/08

--- The Manville Trust changed its policy with respect to requiring a SSN for claimants exposed in the United States.   This position was based on a legal opinion that individuals without SSN’s who were exposed to Johns-Manville asbestos in the United States may file a claim against the Trust. This can occur in unusual instances, such as when a claimant is a foreign citizen who worked temporarily in the United States.  Claimants in such circumstances are subject to increased evidentiary requirements to support their asbestos exposure allegations.   If you are an electronic filer you will receive a notice via the message board indicating that a MV-Exposure Document is required.  Examples of evidence that would be sufficient for meeting this requirement would include:  work history records, deposition materials, affidavits, etc.  Furthermore, claimant duplicate checking continues using the claimant’s first name, middle initial, last name and date of birth.

Updated on 10/15/08

---An updated version of the Manville Trust release forms are now available. The updated forms have been posted on the Manville Documents Tab R

Updated on 7/10/08

---The Manville Trust 2002 TDP claim form has been revised to include a new occupation code of environmental bystander. Please review the occupation definition before using this new code. The revised Occupation Definitions 2002 TDP has been posted on the Manville Documents Tab 0

Updated on 4/8/08

---An updated version of the Manville Trust claim form is now available. The main change to the form is that additional exposure information is required for bystanders. This has been posted on the Manville Documents Tab P
---An updated version of the Manville Trust SOE affidavits are now available. The exposure section has been updated to capture some additional information. This has been posted on the Manville Documents Tab S

Updated on 3/13/08

---New 1995 and 2002 Manville TDP Release forms at 7.5% payment have been posted on the Manville Documents Tab R

Updated on 3/07/08

***IMPORTANT NOTICE- MANVILLE TRUST *** The Trustees of the Manville Trust, with the concurrence of the Selected Counsel for the Beneficiaries (“SCB”) and the Legal Representative of Future Claimants (“Legal Representative”), have approved effective immediately, an increase in the pro rata payment percentage from 5% to 7.5%.  On Monday, March 10th, changes were implemented to e-Claims that will: (1) automatically set the pro rata payment percentage to 7.5% for all future offers and (2) re-issue outstanding offers at 7.5%.  In addition, we will identify claims by law firm that are eligible for a retroactive supplemental payment adjustment of 2.5%.  Procedures adopted by the Trustees, with the concurrence of the SCB and the Legal Representative, regarding retroactive supplemental payments has been posted on the Manville Documents Tab R

C.E. Thurston & Sons - Visit our website for further information C. E. Thurston & Sons Asbestos Trust

---C.E. Thurston & Sons Third Party Requests for Claimant Information document has been posted on the CE Thurston Documents Tab T -Third Party Requests for Claimant Information